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Building Quality Storage Since 1948

Started in 1948 by two firefighters who are also brothers. 

Box Building Construction

The highest quality of wood, material and knowledge from years of experience.

Box and Construction Repair

If any component of your storage box is damaged, we provide all the repairs necessary.

Industrial Box and Woodwork

Over the years we’ve worked with many industrial clients to provide on-site storage.


Built with solid quality pressure treated wood framing for long lasting quality.

Painting & Exterior

Yes, we can custom paint and label your crate based on your suggestions and plans.

Quality Management

We provide the highest management and quality control before any of our boxes are shipped.


Since 1963 - Serving the Moving and Storage Industry all over the country.

In 1963 we began manufacturing and serving the moving and storage industry by supplying storage vaults, type II containers, office carts, library carts, sofa boxes, and rug boxes, as well as specialize wooden crating and industrial packaging. 


Our name is synonymous with quality and service.

We are known as a company that goes the extra mile to try and meet our customer’s needs.


High Quality Construction Management

Still family owned and operated we continue the standard of quality and service that has made us the leader in our industry.

Custom Crating to your specifications.

  • On-Site Crating – Assembly

  • Industrial Crating – Assembly

  • Domestic Crating – Assembly

  • International / Export Crating

  • Send us your dimensions and we will build to your exact specifications.

Custom Crating

Get Free Proposals – call us today 800-683-2699

Building all types of Boxes since 1948

We build Storage Vaults, Rug Boxes, Sofa Boxes, Klimps,
Overseas Type II, Book Carts, Office Carts, State Department Containers

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5011 Buffalo Ave, Jacksonville, FL 32206